Fab Style For School


School isn’t a place you’re likely to spot top fashion. But now you will. Just a bow in your hair or a bracelet would do the trick. I’m going to give you three tips on how to look fab every day for school!

Tip I. If you have time before school maybe you could make a loom band bracelet. That would totally top off any outfit!

Tip 2. Always put in a hair band or a pretty bobble to keep your hair in shape.

Tip 3. Make sure your outfit is OK. You don’t want ripped socks or a skirt back to front!!!

Thanks for reading! Hope you show off your style at school!!!



Hair Style Tips

Tip 1.Remember hair accessories

Tip 2.Make sure the accessories match your outfit

Tip 3.Test out different styles before choosing which one to have in your hair Continue reading

Goth chick!

Goth chick!

I’m off to a Halloween disco and needed a cute outfit. Check out my goth look! My skull t-shirt was customised from an old top and an iron on sparkly skull. To keep the disco groove I’ve added a black … Continue reading

Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

Autumn is a time when you need outfits that are warm and cool! Look at my doggy jumper – it’s keeping me warm and making me cute! I’ve got new tan sparkly high tops too – perfect for the season.

Autumn Time

Summers going,Autumn showing so new style is needed.It’s time for………….Autumn Style on this set of chic outfits!Come on and see cause are Autumn time starts TODAY!!!!!!!